empowerU – Skills for Tomorrow

empowerU – Skills for Tomorrow

empowerU is an innovative Aflatoun program for teenagers and young adults, offering self-paced digital courses to get the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their finances and personal well-being.

The courses are short, interactive and engaging. Learners can learn and complete the activities at their own pace, anytime, anywhere. 

Our primary goal is to empower our youth with 21st Century skills and knowledge, covering topics such as Mental Health, Digital Finance, Sustainable development, Cybersecurity… Also, it represents a unique opportunity to boost Digital Literacy Skills!

17 topics so far divided into 6 different units aimed at empowering teenagers and young adults globally!


empowerU targets the learner directly, helping students to develop important skills such as critical thinking and autonomy


empowerU builds core competencies in Social and Financial Education


empowerU is based on a microlearning approach, breaking down complex topics into small, focused and bite-sized pieces of information

How to ACCESS the empoweru programme?

Sign up!

Visit the Aflatoun Academy, sign up and navigate to the Youth section.


In the Youth section, locate the empowerU program, and explore the different units of topics.


Select the unit and course topic you want to complete, select your group age and click ‘Enrol’.

Start Learning!

Access the course content and go through all the activities, videos and quizzes to start empowering yourself!

Offline delivery is possible upon specific request, please send an email to [email protected]

Interested in the empowerU programme?