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Aflatoun International manages programmes that are based on four main curricula: AflaTot, AflaToun, AflaTeen and AflaYouth. Partners are encouraged to further adapt these, either to fit local circumstances or to complement their existing programmes. Regional and national versions of our curricula have been created in 45 languages and have been adapted to complement programmes on issues as diverse as girls’ empowerment, environmental education, peacebuilding, and disabled learners.

Core Curricula

In AflaTot, children aged 3 to 6 are immersed in a curriculum designed to instill social and financial literacy from an early age. Through everyday activities, they learn the basics of saving, spending, and resource management. Additionally, they develop crucial skills such as patience, sharing, decision-making, and goal-setting. We believe that children, regardless of background, are capable learners who thrive when supported by adult guidance. 

AflaToun’s core programme nurtures children’s curiosity and fosters positive associations with themes like children’s rights, saving, and entrepreneurship. Central to this is the formation of children’s clubs, where they collaborate, manage savings, and undertake small business and community projects.

AflaToun’s programme extends to non-formal education settings. The Non-Formal Education (NFE) Manual targets vulnerable children, including out-of-school youth and street children, equipping them with essential skills. This flexible curriculum has been widely embraced, benefiting marginalised youth globally.

AflaTeen equips teens with essential social and financial skills for their future roles as citizens, workers, and producers. Through interactive sessions, they explore diverse topics, including financial literacy, gender equality, and cultural awareness. The programme is competency-based emphasizes flexibility, gender equity, and inclusivity, ensuring teens are prepared for the complexities of the modern job market. It includes facilitator-friendly features such as notes, tips, QR codes, and links to resources.

“Youth” marks a transition from childhood to adulthood, highlighting independence and community interdependence. AflaYouth targets young people aged 16-24, supporting their journey into adulthood amid rising unemployment and economic challenges. This curriculum focuses on social and financial skills, employability, and entrepreneurship, catering to those outside formal education systems. Collaborating with partners globally, it offers training, mentoring, and online resources with adaptable modules.

Our Supplements

Life Skills and Financial Education for Peace

An estimated 230 million children globally live in conflict-affected areas, requiring a programme to foster peace and prepare them for community development. Our Life Skills and Financial Education for Peace programme, based on the AflaToun curriculum, aims to empower children as peacebuilders. It encourages rejecting stereotypes and tribalism while promoting financial literacy to combat poverty and unemployment. By fostering critical thinking, it helps analyze conflict causes, paving the way for peace and community development in conflict zones and fragile settings.

Child Protection

Children have the right to be protected and participate in decisions affecting them, as stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This supplement aims to enhance understanding of child protection and offers activities for both adults and children to promote awareness of children’s rights. Designed to integrate with Aflatoun’s core curricula, it covers essential topics and can be tailored to different age groups and settings.

Violence Prevention

This supplement aims to enhance violence prevention efforts by promoting life skills development, bullying prevention, and family involvement. It aligns with strategies recommended by the World Health Organization and the Department of Violence Studies, such as early childhood interventions and community-level approaches. Designed to complement Aflatoun’s core curricula, it offers flexible activities for different age groups and settings. 

Community Engagement

Educational programmes thrive on collaboration among various stakeholders, including children, young people, families, facilitators, teachers, and the broader school community. The Community Engagement supplement emphasizes the importance of involving all parties to enhance children’s development. It fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, social skills, and personal responsibility.

The Environment

This supplement addresses the need for environmental education among young people. It aims to raise awareness of how individual actions impact the environment and empower participants to take positive steps to address pollution and waste. Through activities focused on reducing, reusing, and recycling, the program encourages critical thinking and action in local communities.

Social Emotional Learning

In the face of rapid technological advancements and climate change, Aflatoun, supported by its partner network, developed the Social Emotional Learning Supplement. Tailored for children in the AflaToun core programme, this manual equips participants with vital life skills, emphasizing social-emotional development. Through engaging activities, it fosters emotional awareness, resilience, and empowers children to pursue social and financial fulfillment, particularly crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

The WASH supplement meets the demand within Aflatoun International’s network for targeted material on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. It emphasizes the pivotal roles children and communities play in adopting hygiene practices and managing water effectively, especially during pandemics. Through interactive methods, participants learn about food safety, water scarcity, menstruation management, and WASH enterprise, fostering inclusive engagement.

Healthy Lifestyles

The programme encourages participants to explore personal health (fitness and nutrition) related topics whilst being physically active, such  as healthy food options, their body image, and safe sexual choices. They’ll recognize the importance of developing good habits, such as good nutrition and regular exercise and will see how these habits bring life-long benefits to their health and wellbeing and to those of others.

Transforming Agribusiness

Created with the intention of engaging young people meaningfully in agricultural activities, this large and comprehensive supplement seeks to provide young people in rural or peri-urban settings with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in agribusiness. With this in mind, the material provides a solid foundation of financial management techniques, local farming systems, and methods to increase productivity, innovate and add value. This supplement could be used in place of the standard set of enterprise sessions found in AflaTeen or AflaYouth.

Labour Migration

This material seeks to educate adolescents and young people about the realities of labour migration in a comprehensive, interactive and flexible format. The ultimate goal is to positively influence their ability to make their own decisions regarding labour migration – whether it is the right decision for them, and how to plan accordingly.

Digital Finance

This supplement aims to respond to the rapid evolving of digital financial services and the importance to equip children and youth with the knowledge & skills to understand and eventually use digital finance safely.

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