OUR Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Socially and economically empowered children and young people who act as agents of change in their own lives for a more equitable world.

Our Mission

 The world is rapidly changing and becoming more complex. It is more important than ever before that children gain social and financial skills to learn to get along and get ahead in life.

In today’s dynamic world, children encounter both challenges and opportunities, from economic instability to technological advancements. Aflatoun recognizes the importance of equipping children, especially girls and vulnerable groups, with social and financial skills to thrive in this environment.

Our tailored programs have reached over 3.8 million children and youth in 102 countries through our partners network, and 29.5 million children and youth through national integration. Our strategic plan (2022-2026) focuses on integrating Social & Financial Education into quality education, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to lead global efforts in Child Social & Financial Education, promoting equitable and quality education worldwide.