Social Franchise Model

Aflatoun International leads a worldwide network of NGOs, cooperatives, and social enterprises delivering social and financial education (SFE) programs for youth. We advise governments on integrating SFE into educational policies and curricula. Through AflaVentures, we collaborate with companies to innovate technical solutions, expanding SFE’s reach globally. Additionally, we partner with foundations and multilateral agencies on thematic projects addressing urgent issues like peacebuilding and reproductive health.

Services provided by Aflatoun to the network

Partnership and Support

Aflatoun International supports the Aflatoun Network and social franchise partners in a variety of interlinked ways.

Aflatoun Platform and Resource Database

Aflatoun International’s Partner Platform offers a range of different functionalities for partners such as contact with other partners, online courses, regional news, discussion boards. Moerover the platform contains the database of curriculum, supplements, M&E tools, and related resources;. The Platform is constantly in development and additional functionality roll-out is planned every year.

How does the Social Franchise Model work at Aflatoun?

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