Our movement

Aflatoun International works with a strong network of NGOs and governments to deliver social and financial education to every child and young person in the most effective way possible. Through our inter-continental network, we’re able to reach millions of children around the globe.

Our Partners

We have an established network of over 345 partners and we create high-quality, contextualised social and financial curricula for different age groups (from 3 to 24+ years old). By joining Aflatoun International, partners benefit from having a direct influence on and connections with global Social and Financial Education activities.

Our Donors

Aflatoun is grateful for the generous support of our donors, including international organisations, governments, corporations, and foundations. Scaling our programmes, we make a lasting impact on communities worldwide. Together, we are investing in the education and empowerment of the next generation.

Our Programmes

Our programmes are based on 4 basic curricula for different age groups, which are flexible and can be contextualised to local needs. Additionally, we provide training to teachers and conduct research to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of our programmes. Aflatoun Programmes are comprehensive and evidence-based, designed to instill social and financial education skills in children and youth worldwide.

Aflatoun NL

Aflatoun Nederland is a part of our organisation dedicated to promoting social and financial education among children and youth in the Netherlands. Through innovative curriculum development, teacher training workshops, and initiatives and programmes such as "Geld Maakt Gelukkig", Aflatoun Nederland empowers young people with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

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