Aflatoun empowers young minds through innovative and holistic education methods. Using a Social Franchise Model, we connect and collaborate with organisations and government institutions globally. Our dynamic network operates on reciprocal empowerment, fostering strong South-South cooperation. It’s a flexible, low-cost, and high-impact approach to education.

How do WE do it?

Systems change

Aflatoun International drives national integration and system change by supporting inclusive education policies and collaborative partnerships that empower youth globally to become active participants in their communities and catalysts for positive societal transformation.


We have an established network of over 345 partners and we create high-quality, contextualised social and financial curricula for different age groups.. By joining the movement, partners benefit from having a direct influence on and connections with global Social and Financial Education activities. 


Aflatoun International offers social and financial education to millions of children and young people worldwide, empowering them to make a positive change for a sustainable future. We create high-quality curricula, for different age groups, which can be contextualised to local needs and specific circumstances.

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