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Global Implementing Partners

Scale your impact by implementing Aflatoun's programmes, reaching millions of young people with essential SFE and skills. Become a knowledge leader and gain exclusive access to Aflatoun's research, training, and digital resources to drive policy and programme development. Intensify your voice by connecting with a Global Network, collaborating on research, and shaping the future of Social and Financial Education (SFE). Drive the system change and empower future generations.

Local Implementing Partners

Together with Aflatoun, you can equip young leaders by delivering Aflatoun's Social and Financial Education programmes, supporting responsible citizens in your community. Gain expertise by accessing Aflatoun's resources, training, and mentorship to strengthen your organization and maximize programme impact. Network with Global Movement sharing best practices, and use your voice on the global stage. Work with Aflatoun to contribute to national policy discussions and drive a positive change.

Government Partners

Empower your young citizens with Aflatoun's proven Social and Financial Education Programs. Gain valuable expertise by accessing Aflatoun's research, training, and digital resources to inform policy and program development. Connect with a Global Network, collaborate with governments and NGOs worldwide. Grow financial inclusion movement by integrating SFE into your national education system!

Advocacy Partners

Deepen your knowledge and expertise by gaining exclusive access to Aflatoun's research, training discounts, and policy updates. Expand your network by connecting with fellow advocates globally, share best practices, and collaborate on impactful initiatives. Increase your visibility when speaking at Aflatoun events - be featured in publications, and promote your work to a wider audience.

Aflatoun International works with a strong network of NGOs and governments to deliver social and financial education to every child and young person in the most effective way possible. Through our inter-continental network, we’re able to reach millions of children around the globe.

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International Partners

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Europe & Central Asia

Latin America & Caribbean

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