Aflatoun International embraces new technologies which have the potential to strengthen educational systems and increase reach and impact.

Access to mobile technology is rapidly transforming our ability to reach children, young people and trainers who have been previously excluded from skills-building programmes. We believe that equipping teachers with pedagogical tools and access to information can bring about large social change. Thus, we are continuously developing digital learning materials along with our core curricula.

Aflatoun develops various digital products for children and young people as well as digital products for teachers, trainers and organisations to ease the challenges of modern teaching, elevate the learning experience and create engaging materials.

Aflatoun International’s three curricula are flexible and can be adapted as needed. Thanks to its open source nature and strong basis on the five elements, it is possible for partners to develop the programme that is suited to their local or national need. Partners do not need to implement all steps in the programme.

As a result, programmes based on these curricula are currently implemented in 102 countries worldwide. In all of these countries the local circumstances vary and there are specific needs. Some of the thematic fields they are used in are poverty reduction, peace building, sustainable development and resource usages, youth employment and child labour, equality of rights, juvenile inmates and incarceration, psycho-social support in (post) conflict countries.


Engaging and customisable learning materials

When creating engaging and interesting learning materials, visuals play a crucial role. Aflatoun provides services and materials to help our partners develop their own digital learning products and enhance their learning materials with the help of visuals and texts, including videos, illustrations and games that are customisable to the region. Aflatoun provides the files with characters, backgrounds, text voiceovers (with the need-to-knows on the topic), quizzes to assess entry and output behaviours plus what has been learned on topics. The individuals, institutions, corporations, NGOs could use their in-house animators and training/learning experts to create a bespoke learning journey and/or liaise with Aflatoun to assist in the creation process.

Low-tech solutions

Taking into consideration that some of our partners have limited or no access to the internet, we use low-tech solutions to help them deliver quality content for children and young people. For example; if a partner does not have internet connection on their area, Aflatoun’s content can be uploaded on a Raspberry Pi device that allows access to Aflatoun’s content via any device that receives a Wifi signal. Aflatoun also creates content for non-smartphones using SMS delivery systems.

Integration to existing platforms

Aflatoun develops courses that are integrated via messenger, customised mobile and web Apps. Aflatoun’s Chat Bot is a very quick way to engage with Aflatoun’s content and learn about our curricula, training, advocacy or digital learning resources. Aflatoun ChatBot can also be used on Facebook.



Another digital product of Aflatoun is targeted at teachers and trainers. These products are built to help teachers and trainers to develop their capacity, revise what they learned during training, and to give them the resources that they need to train other trainers and teachers. Instead of having to create all their materials and resources from scratch, trainers can use the resources in this product to conduct their own training. Thanks to this product, the training of teachers does not end but continues through interaction with other teachers and Aflatoun members via the digital platform.



Lastly, Aflatoun designs digital products for our partner organisations. In order to maximise and simplify the use of Aflatoun curricula, we are continuously digitalising our materials. We are incorporating videos, interactive tables, illustrations and images. This way, it is easier for our partner organisations to implement Aflatoun curricula, conduct their own training and have access to engaging teaching materials and create courses anywhere.


Aflatoun Partner Platform 

Aflatoun Partner Platform is an important digital product developed for our partner organisations. This platform not only allowsus to connect to our global network of partner organisations in different regions but also provides an opportunity for our partners to connect with each other. Thanks to this multi-purpose platform, a large network of organisations can share their experiences, learn from each other and discuss challenges and opportunities. Partner organisations can access and download the full Aflatoun curricula via the partner platform. The platform also includes an online courses section where we develop and host self-learning and facilitator-led courses on demand for our partners. 


AFLATEEN+ Digital curriculum

Our Aflateen curriculum has been converted to Aflateen+ Digital, an online e-learning resource for young people. Aflateen+ digital is an organised series of digital learning paths on financial education and life skills for children and young people and is flexible to their learning environments. It brings social and financial skills to young people worldwide in an entertaining and economic way. The topics cover personal development, personal finance and enterprise finance. 

Aflateen+ Digital reinforces the power of learning by playing and sharing and taps into the natural talent of young people to work with digital media. This resource is based on a well-researched Aflateen+ Life Skills and Financial Education through a Gender Lense programme. It allows individuals, institutions, corporations, NGOs to create their own unique learning journeys for their target audience. Our focus is to empower the children and youth to become active participants in the learning experience and to enter the world of personalised dialogues with emphasis on the need-to-knows rather than nice-to-knows.  


For more information about the Aflateen+ Digital send an email to [email protected]