Aflateen Final Evaluation

The Aflateen evaluation consists of a global study and four country studies and has been conducted between June 2015 and June 2016 at the end of the partnership with The MasterCard Foundation.
The global report addresses Aflateen’s sustainability. Sustainability consists of two aspects: program continuation and program growth. Program continuation indicates the factors that enable implementing partners to continue the Aflateen program. Program growth measures how fast the number of youth enrolled in Aflateen grew over the years and the factors that enable and contribute to this.
The country studies have been conducted in Egypt, India, The Gambia and Cameroon. These four studies not only examine aspects of sustainability but also look at outcome related results of the Aflateen program (e.g. the impact on quality education, and on gender and diversity). These studies help us moving forward in understanding the process and impact of our youth programme.

Please find the full report, including the summaries of the country studies, at this link: The MasterCard Foundation Aflateen Final Evaluation 2015-2016