Aflatot: early childhood education for sustainable development

Positive learning experiences during preschool years lay foundations for children to reach their full potential. What happens during those early years is of crucial importance for every child’s development. It marks a period of great opportunity, but also of vulnerability to negative influences. Social and financial education provides children with the foundations for essential life skills and attitudes to change their circumstances and effect a positive transformation on society as a whole.

The Aflatot programme is based on the premise that young children can develop the tools for and understand the benefits of sharing, saving and buying in a playful and meaningful way. The active learning approach of Aflatot, which is supported by attractive educational resource materials for teachers and parents, helps young children develop necessary life skills and attitudes to be empowered, active and engaged learners throughout their lives.

The findings in the Aflatot evidence brief indicate that Aflatot contributes to an improved level of socioemotional outcomes for young children. It was found that children are much more likely to think and act independently after having participated in the Aflatot programme. They improve their self–understanding, are managing their emotions in a healthier way, and they are able to identify other children’s and adult’s emotions and to adjust their behaviour accordingly. Children better promote and maintain mutual, positive relationships with other children and significant adults after the programme.

You can download the full evidence brief here.