Aflatoun Annual Report 2019

Learning to budget, transforms a child’s life. A teenager starting a small business, reshapes a community. Youth that feel comfortable standing up for themselves, changes a society.
Social and financial education has the power to transform the world and it plays a key role in breaking the inter-generational cycle of poverty.

In 2019, Aflatoun International worked with 345 partners and 38 governments to reach over 10.5 million students with social and financial education.

Three key areas were important in 2019:

• Partnership for scale.
Working with a range of partners from international multilateral agencies to national ministries of education to local non-profit organisations to micro-finance institutions.

• Introduced relevant and quality curricula.
Conducting research to ensure current curricula remains relevant and introducing new employability and entrepreneurship content for a new age group -16 -24+ year olds.

• Advocated for social and financial education.
These skills are incredibly important and there is still a lot of work to do to ensure that children and young people receive these critical skills. Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of these skills as well. Behaviors like saving, budgeting and community engagement are key to surviving the aftershocks of the global pandemic.

As we enter our fifteenth year, I am excited about the ways our social franchise model is working. We are collaborating with so many different organisations to create a world of children empowered. Our collaborative approach encourages peer-to-peer learning and strong south-south collaboration. This kind of collaboration and mutual learning is part of our DNA.” Roeland Monasch, CEO, Aflatoun International.

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