Growing the Movement to Empower Children and Youth with Social and Financial Skills: Governments, Civil Society and the Private Sector joined forces at Aflatoun’s Regional Meeting in Cebu, The Philippines!

Aflatoun International, the leading global organization dedicated to empowering young people through Social and Financial Education (SFE), is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its Asia Regional Meeting.  Held from 24th to 28th of June in Cebu, The Philippines – the event brought together over 100 participants from Aflatoun’s vivid community of network partners, educators, and stakeholders committed to advancing youth empowerment through education in the region.

Hosted in the vibrant city of Cebu, the Aflatoun Regional Meeting served as a platform for collaboration, innovation, and collective action. Participants from across Asia convened to share insights, best practices, and strategies for implementing Aflatoun’s transformative social and financial education programs in their communities.

From engaging panel discussions and interactive workshops to dynamic networking sessions and cultural experiences, the event offered many opportunities for partners to connect, learn, and collaborate.

Key highlights included:

  • On the first day, high level officials and governments from Asia gathered to discuss the integration of social and financial education into national curricula. Good practices were shared and insights given into how Ministries of Education, Finance, Youth and Central banks can collaborate to ensure all children get access to quality life and 21st century skills.
  • Kick off of the ‘Join the movement’ campaign, advocating for a growing network of actors striving for empowerment of children and youth. Information was shared on how to expand the SFE movement.
  • Interactive Workshops: Participants gained practical skills and knowledge through participation in engaging sessions, including sessions on the connection between climate change and financial resilience, communications and fundraising and Aflatoun’s revised curricula and new digital tools.
  • Networking Opportunities: Partners had the chance to establish new connections, share experiences, and explore potential collaborations during informal networking sessions and cultural experiences through the 5 intensive days. On day 4 they also were able to participate in a field visit to LAMAC Cooperative.

“We are thrilled to see such strong commitment and enthusiasm from our partners in Asia,” said Kirsten Theuns, Programme Director at Aflatoun International. “The Aflatoun Regional Conference provided a valuable opportunity to draft a course for collective action in advancing youth education and empowerment. The conversations around climate change underscored our collective responsibility to invest in children and youth and provide them with the knowledge and skills to build a sustainable future. The Aflatoun network is shaping resilient communities and fostering a generation ready to tackle environmental challenges ahead. We strongly invite new partners and organisations to reach out and join our movement, creating a world where every child is equipped with essential knowledge, skills, and confidence to realize their full potential”.

The event also reaffirmed the commitment to the Utrecht Declaration, a global call to action for the integration of social and financial education into national education systems, signed by almost 200 organizations from over 67 countries during the Aflatoun’s Global Social and Financial Skills Conference in 2023.

Partners at the Cebu Conference pledged to uphold the principles of the Utrecht Declaration and work towards its implementation in their respective countries.

As partners return to their communities inspired and empowered, Aflatoun International remains committed to supporting their efforts and fostering collaboration towards a brighter future for young people around the world.



Watch the photo gallery from our Regional Meeting in Asia: