Aflatoun International partners with the DRC

We are proud to announce that social and financial education programme of Aflatoun International will be implemented nationally in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (MINEPST) of the DRC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Aflatoun International on October 28, 2020, as a part of a large national effort to promote an equitable education system in service of growth employment and to make youth education a national priority.

The DRC aims to use education as a key instrument in the development of the economy and for fostering the next generation of well-trained and qualified young people. MINEPST will implement social, financial, and entrepreneurial education programmes both in primary, secondary and technical schools as well as in teacher training institutes.

The programmes of Aflatoun International have been implemented in DRC since 2014, when we partnered with an NGO in the county of Bukavu. The work in the country has been growing steadily: Aflatoun clubs were set in schools where children participated in several activities related to savings, the setting up of school mini-businesses, as well as visits to financial institutions. With this partnership, our mutual objective is to integrate social and financial education into formal education in DRC.

Mr Djamba Michel, Inspector General of Education, said: “Approximately 25 million students at all levels will be reached with the new Life Skills, Financial and Entrepreneurial Education Programme. The Aflatoun Social and Financial Education will be complementing the government efforts and ongoing reforms to introduce entrepreneurial education in the national system by 2021.”

This partnership involves the development of training programmes and teaching tools for social, financial, and entrepreneurial education; designing of the training modules for different departments of the pedagogical chain, training of the educational supervisors and teachers, as well as working together to advocate the need for social and financial education for children and young people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Roeland Monasch, our CEO, said: “Aflatoun International is actively seeking partnerships with governments, civil society, and international development partners to expand our reach as a way to empower more children and young people worldwide. In this collective endeavour to integrate Aflatoun’s social and financial education programmes into all layers of the educational institutions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we are happy to partner with the Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education. Our mutual commitment to the implementation of social, financial, and entrepreneurial education is the start of a long-term and rewarding partnership.”