Aflatoun Partners Resilience Challenge

Awarding the most creative solution in providing social and financial education

About the challenge

2020 was a challenging year for all of us. The novelty of COVID-19 brought many notable strains globally, and further endangered vulnerable children and young people by lessening their access to essential services and hindering their access to education. With many schools moving lessons online, COVID-19 highlighted a lack of access to digital infrastructure and services for children and young people. Due to the pandemic, over 1.6 billion children and young people were affected by school closures. Additionally, children and young people who already lacked access to education before the outbreak of COVID-19 have become even more vulnerable than before.

Despite the strains of this pandemic Aflatoun International and its Global network of partners adapted to the crisis and found creative solutions to ensure that every child and young person keeps receiving high quality social and financial education for their future empowerment. Within the frameworks of the Global Money Week and the Aflatoun Day, which take place in late March this year, we want to invite you to participate in the first Aflatoun Partners Resilience Challenge!

We want to hear success stories from your organisation on how you navigated this crisis. Your stories can inspire the global community of supporters of social and financial education. This is especially relevant, as our children need to be financially resilient because the consequences of this pandemic will be far-reaching. Share. Inspire. Empower!

What is your challenge?

  • Share a short video around 3 minutes (max. 5) that showcases how you provided social and financial education to children and youth despite the strains of the pandemic
  • Share with us accompanying 1—3 pictures from your organisation
  • We do not need a professional video — just tell us your story in whatever possible way you want (It could be you or a student telling us a story, it could be a slideshow, it could be both, it can be a student’s testimony or even a song about your creative solution).
  • The video should be horizontal, and we would appreciate if you can add English subtitles if the video’s original language is not English.
  • Confirm your participation by sending an email to [email protected].
  • Send us your video along with the consent form to [email protected] before February 17th
  • If the video is heavy you can use (send to [email protected])
  • We will showcase the top video stories during the challenge award ceremony which will take place during the Global Money Week and the Aflatoun Day on March 25th 2021.
  • Need inspiration? Check out this guide we created for you!


Selection criteria

Who you are

  • part of Aflatoun Global Partner Network
  • implementing Aflatoun’s Social & Financial education (SFE) programmes.

What criteria your video story should meet?

  • Demonstrate strong alliance building between policymakers, civil society, and financial regulators to continue the learning process of students (by Aflatoun Programme) (non-formal and formal education)
  • Demonstrate outputs in engaging local communities to encourage students to apply financial skills (social enterprise, saving habits)
  • Demonstrate active efforts in engaging with youth in launching covid-19 related initiatives (solution)
  • Demonstrate inclusiveness of the initiative (gender, marginal groups, reaching out the most vulnerable children and youth)

How we will select the winners of the Challenge?

  • The video stories will be judged by “challenge committee”
  • 3 winners will be selected according to the above-mentioned criteria.
  • Winners’ stories will be showcased during the award event.
  • 3 winners receive recognition certificates