Aflatoun’s Outreach Grew to 8.6 Million Children in 2018

Aflatoun reached over 8.6 million children who completed Aflatoun’s social and financial education programming, an increase from reaching 5.4 million children in 2017.


We trained and supported 122,802 teachers, a 200% growth within our network, who delivered our active-learning methodology to children and young people. Our network grew to 275 partners and 38 governments dedicated to the movement of social and financial education in over 100 countries.


During the Global Board Meeting June 7 impact numbers were discussed and approved.


The year was marked by a period of sustainable growth within the organisation. From increasing our capacity, to building more valuable partnerships, and impacting children and young people across the globe. With a strong network of teachers, trainers and advocators, we are advocating for quality education for all.
Aflatoun recognises that none of this success would have been possible without the efforts of a strong network of partners and funders, dedicated staff and board, and the children and young people who are working towards their independence and being agents of change within their communities.