Algerian Network for the Defense of Children’s Rights (NADA)

The Algerian Network for the Defense of Children’s Rights (NADA) was established in 2004. It started as an initiative organised by a couple of associations and then grew successfully to include more than 150 national and local active organisations based in Algeria.

NADA works tirelessly to guarantee that every male and female child is heard and educated in order to achieve equality and a sustainable future. The organisation aims to work within the international framework for children’s rights and strives for excellence by using well researched and high-quality materials. The main objective of NADA is to empower children and youth socially and financially to ensure they grow up in a safe, fair and healthy environment.


Since 2010, NADA has participated in several meetings that were held by Aflatoun International. They received many trainings during these meetings on how to implement the social and financial education curricula for children and youth.

In 2016, the organisation signed an agreement with several donors to implement the Aflatoun programme in multiple schools. The preparation for executing the programme began with assembling a team of experts and organising a training workshop for facilitators. This workshop included 25 facilitators from 5 Algerian states, who reached more than 1635 students in elementary and middle schools between the ages of 6 to 14. Furthermore, teenagers and youth between the ages of 15 to 21 were introduced to the Aflateen programme. Interestingly, many teachers and parents also participated in social and financial education workshops to learn more about the benefits of empowering the future generation.

One of the main events that NADA participated in was the opening of the national symposium, which was attended by many important national figures, the press and other relevant public institutions. The Aflatoun programme received great attention from local authorities and associations and was hailed as a success. The public’s acknowledgement was mainly directed towards the social and financial enterprises that were carried out by youth and adolescents participating in the programme. One of these activities included opening savings accounts for children. This project was done in partnership with the Algerian Bank to help develop the agriculture sector.

The organisation is currently seeking to collaborate with other partners to implement the Aflatoun programme and scale it-up to include more Algerian states. It is also looking further to establishing Aflatoun Clubs in its eco-friendly schools.

Success Story


This is the story of Hamza Belghalem, who started as a volunteer in NADA when he was 20-years-old. He assisted in implementing many Aflatoun activities in different schools. In 2017, he received trainings in the social and financial education programme, which helped him gain enough experience to be eligible for a position in the organisation. Since then he has been employed as a coordinator for capacity building projects.

He says: “The skills I have gained from the trainings of the Aflatoun programme has paved the way for me to develop personally and professionally and get a job that can help me impact the lives of many children. I am grateful to Aflatoun’s programme and NADA for helping me succeed in life and I am really proud to be part of this wonderful family.”

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