An exploratory study on child social and financial education playing a role beyond social and financial concepts

We’ve finalised a new evaluation study! It looks at how the Aflatoun programme affects social and financial outcomes, and whether/how it influences other subjects. This is the first time we look at this relationship. The project is a great first step and we’re hoping to do more rigorous research on our impact on quality education in the future.

This study is a first step towards the exploration of the role of child social and financial education on indicators beyond social and financial concepts. The study shows that it is important to include socio-economic background information as it can explain some of the variation. In addition, it is recommended to include indicators about the quality of the education, and ensure internal consistency of concepts, and reliability of scales. For this, testing the surveys with the target group is essential. It will improve the quality of future research on this topic and thus the quality of social and financial education for children and young people.

A brief with the most important results can be found here.