Annual Report 2015

The Annual Report 2015 marks a moment to review and reflect on our work during the 2011-2015 strategic period. The chance for a thorough review was particularly relevant given the magnitude of events taking place on the global stage, e.g. conflict, mass migration and humanitarian emergencies, as well as the end of the Millenium Development Goals.

The strategic period saw many achievements, including the newly developed curriculum materials for the age ranges 3-6 years (Aflatot) and 15-19 years (Aflateen). Additionally, the Aflatoun curriculum and Non-Formal Education (NFE) curriculum were revised; 60 studies and surveys were conducted in 43 countries including six Randomised Control Trials.

In 2015, the number of children benefitting from Aflatoun International’s Social and Financial Education (SFE) increased. We reached 4.1 million children and young people, most of whom were girls. An additional 1.6 million children and young people were reached. The number of network partners further diversified and increased to 193, who are active in a total of 116 countries.

The full Annual Report is available here: Annual Report 2015.