ChildFund International Sierra Leone

ChildFund International, Sierra Leone has been active since 1985, helping deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and young people up to 24 years old.

The organisation uses a unique life stage approach to guide its participants; each life stage is geared towards specific needs and desired outcomes such as healthy and secure infants (0-5 years, ‘LifeStage 1’), educated and confident children (6-14 years, ‘LifeStage 2’) and skilled and involved youth (15-24 years, ‘Lifestage 3’).

Our partnership

ChildFund Sierra Leone partnered with Aflatoun International in 2012 to integrate Aflatoun curriculum into their LifeStage 2 curriculum.

The Aflatoun curriculum builds on a child’s natural curiosity and focuses on themes like children’s rights, saving and enterprise. The curriculum utilises songs, worksheets, games and activities – active learning methods to keep students engaged.

The partnership has contributed to ChildFund Sierra Leone reaching, supporting and improving the lives of deprived, excluded and vulnerable children throughout the country. Helping to empower participants to take leadership roles in their schools and homes.

Aflatoun Clubs

In March 2020, Aflatoun Clubs in Sierra Leone held a showcase to highlight the talents of participants. This included groups that started their own basket-weaving business and group that focused on environmentally friendly sanitation.

Student, Brima Thula of Mason Community Primary School in the Bombali district and a member of Mapaki Aflatoun Club, shared with us: “We formed this club in 2018 at Mapaki village. In the beginning, we had no financial or entrepreneurship skills. Through the Aflatoun training sessions, we developed the skills of weaving and producing materials for domestic use. We sell some of these products and use some of the money to buy school books, pens, pencils. This has helped our parents save money too. We are growing to become great in our community and the district.”

Distant learning in times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic created a challenge for ChildFund Sierra Leone. How could they continue to reach the vulnerable and hard to reach children that they work with?

The radio! As a part of Governments Radio Teaching Programme, ChildFund Sierra Leone, provided 335 high quality solar powered radios to vulnerable children in rural communities. In this way, they had the opportunity to listen to the lessons and participate in the learning process.

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