Children International Bicol

Children International Bicol is part of the non-profit, humanitarian organisation Children International Philippines. Children International Philippines focuses on alleviating the lives of Filipino children who are living in poverty. The organisation’s aim is to ensure real and lasting change to the children and break the cycle of poverty by providing medical, educational, material and emotional support. As of 2019, Children International Philippines, once started with 500, supports now 24000 sponsored children who are enjoying Children International’s programmes.

Children International Bicol is in partnership with Aflatoun International to empower children and youth through the iSHARE (Saving Habits, Augmenting Resources) programme. The programme is based on the 5 core elements of Aflatoun and Aflatoun’s interactive learning methods. The aim is to ensure financial stability for the sponsored children.

The iSHARE programme focuses on community-based and school-based projects. In the community-based projects, social enterprise projects are held in series of environmental projects and campaigns such as the Clean and Green Project. For financial enterprises, young aspiring entrepreneurs have successfully built their own start-up businesses such as iSHARE Snack, AflaTINDAHAN (Aflateen Mini Store), and Aflatoun Delights (Aflatoun Store of Filipino Native Delicacies).

The iSHARE school-based projects are organised by teacher volunteers and iSHARE programme facilitators. Environmental projects and campaigns are being implemented such as the Community Gardens, Gulayan Sa Paaralan (Vegetable Garden in School), and Regalo Ko Sa Kapwa Ko (Gift Giving). Financial Enterprise trainings are also provided to guide and assist students in opening their own stores. Currently, school children have opened two stores: the Fatima Healthy Mix Snacks and K-Tops Palamig (Sweet Potato Leaves Juice).

With the support from the iSHARE team, 2462 children from Children International Bicol completed the Aflatoun programme in 2018. Half of the children who completed the programme were between 6-14 years old. Meanwhile, the Aflateen programme has reached more than 1189 young adults of the age between 15 – 17. Presently, 18 Aflatoun and 20 Aflateen clubs are enthusiastically undertaking regular activities. Part of the Aflatoun programme is the annual celebration of various activities like Global Money Week and International Aflatoun Day.

“Teaching lifelong skills is very important in the development of the child. This is what I learned in implementing Aflatoun Programme of CI Bicol. Teaching school aged children to become financially literate during their school aged years is fulfilling on my part.” –Josefa Clariño, School head, San Lorenzo Elementary School.

Moreover, saving money through opening a bank account was also introduced to the children. Children were given a coin bank/piggy bank in which they are saving their money in. Written at the top of their coin banks are their names and, on the side, the purpose for saving the money. This activity encourages and effectively inspires the children, their parents, and their community.

“Gian, grade 1 student, said that he is saving money because he wants to purchase his own bicycle. While Asher Marie Barnedo, grade 2 student, feels the need to help her parents in financing her education. Von Cedrick Clariño dreams of buying a house for his family.”


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