Choose international cooperation just now! Sign the petition!

The new coalition of the Dutch government wants to make big cuts in international cooperation. That is why we are taking action!


The new coalition consisting of PVV, VVD, BBB and NSC is cutting hundreds of millions from development cooperation in the coming years. From 2027, these will become billions, i.e. 2.4 billion per year. Little will remain of the already limited budget for international cooperation after 2027. That is why we are taking action now. 


Right now, people all over the world are fighting against climate disasters, wars, exploitation, poverty and inequality. Especially now, we cannot cut back on international cooperation. Don’t let the world down. Stop the cuts in international cooperation!

A better world is also of great importance to the Netherlands and it is precisely in times of crisis that we must continue to invest in stability, peace and security. The essential work of our diplomats, civil society organizations and companies focused on poverty reduction, health care, education and tackling climate risks threatens to be destroyed in one fell swoop. Planned cuts are a risk to sustainable development programs worldwide, increasing vulnerability for all.

It is not too late to turn the tide. The outline agreement will be developed into a coalition agreement by a new minister. The budget is not yet a done deal.

Together with you, we want to contribute to a better world. We call to stop the cuts in international cooperation. Sign the petition and speak out!

Especially now, working together for a livable and hopeful future is desperately needed.

Because our times bring great challenges, all over the world people are fighting against climate disasters, wars, exploitation, poverty and inequality.