Digital Learning Awareness Workshop

Aflatoun International invites all partners and those interested to showcase the highlights in digital learning and to hear our strategy for the next 5 years. We will present our offerings and products available and ready to use, as well as recommend a few digital learning tools that partners can use for training, teaching, collaboration, etc. 

TIME: 13:30 – 15:30 hours CET 

MODERATOR: Maxwell Kyei Baffour, Team Lead Innovation in Aflatoun 

Special Guest Speakers: Roeland Monasch, Aflatoun CEO and Rediet Abiy, Head of Programmes 



1) Aflatoun current products and services 

Learn about Aflatoun’s services and some ongoing projects.
Speaker: Nathan Martin, Distance Learning and Business Development Consultant 
Duration: 10 minutes


2) Upcoming products and Certification 

In supporting our partners and larger financial education and life skills community, we will highlight some products in development. 

Speakers: Gemma Bosch and Ariana Pulsoni, Distance Learning Team Support; Niveditha Uthrapati Shakila, Education Manager; and Hassan Mahtat, Director of National Policies and Strategies, Edison Duran
Duration: 30 minutes 


3) Open-source e-learning tools  

We will collate a few open-source tools that partners can use to organise different digital learning activities within their organisations. 

Speaker: Yara Mansour, MENA Project Officer
Duration: 10 minutes 


4) Games 

Learn about Aflatoun’s collaboration in the gaming space as we work tirelessly to establish ourselves in a very competitive space through financial education and life skills 

Dawn of Civilisation game 

Speaker: Janine Teo, CEO Solve Education
Duration 15 mins 

Malee game  

Speaker:  Dr. Ahmad Morsy, Education Expert Meemain
Duration: 15 mins 


5) Partnerships – Aflatoun’s Digital learning partnerships 

Learn how Aflatoun is leveraging digital learning partnerships to benefit partners 

Speaker: Nathan Martin, Distance Learning and Business Development Consultant 
Duration: 10 mins 


6) Open forum for presentations/discussions 

Each attendee gets between 2-5 minutes to present a digital learning highlight from their organisation 

Speaker: All attendees
Duration: 15 mins 


7) Q & A 


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