Empowering Salvadoran Youth through Social and Financial Education and Project Management

Fundación Gloria de Kriete – Programa Oportunidades offers important opportunities to the local youth. Based in El Salvador, the organisation confronts economic struggles and social inequalities. With a mission to transform Salvadoran youth through education and empowerment, the foundation stands at the forefront of change.


Empowering Youth with Workshop Initiatives

Fundación Gloria de Kriete – Programa Oportunidades aims to transform Salvadoran youth by providing tools for each young person to change their lives through personal effort and thus transform their environment and their country, where we seek to support young people with economic constraints to increase opportunities. Thanks to the “Project Management” workshop, they have been able to strengthen the knowledge and skills of children and young people between 13-25 years old so that they can have an economic, social, and academic impact on their environment through their entrepreneurial ideas. These ideas are being developed to be launched at the achievement fair at the end of this year. The activities were conducted under the scope of the project and were made possible by PMIEF (Project Management Institute Educational Foundation). With the development of this workshop, teachers and facilitators have been trained to deliver the 12 Project Management sessions to young people, so that they can apply project management to their daily, academic, and professional lives. The goal is to create a long-lasting positive impact on society, starting with each of their families and communities. Fundación Gloria de Kriete – Programa Oportunidades is dedicated to supporting young people facing economic constraints, aiming to increase opportunities for social inclusion and personal success. Through strategic alliances and innovative programmes, they empower youth to transform their lives and communities.

Success Story: César V.

“I had the opportunity to receive a workshop on Project Management taught by PMIEF & Aflatoun in which we learned about how we can continuously improve and develop our project management skills through business ideas.”


Meet César V., whose journey from adversity to achievement is a great example to the impact of Fundación Gloria de Kriete’s programmes. César, a participant in the Opportunities Programme, found his path to success through education and entrepreneurship. 


César’s journey began when he embarked on a workshop on Project Management. In this workshop, César and his classmates learned valuable skills in project management, critical thinking, and strategic planning. Armed with this knowledge, César set out to apply it not only to his academic pursuits but also to his entrepreneurial ambitions. Drawing from the workshop’s teachings, César honed his time management skills, creating a structured schedule that helped his university experience. Moreover, inspired by the workshop’s emphasis on innovation and efficiency, César collaborated with his peers to develop “Unitransport,” a specialised transportation application tailored for university students. 

Through planning and implementation, César and his team leveraged project management principles to automate processes, streamline operations, and enhance user experience. They created Unitransport which serves as an example to the power of education and entrepreneurship in driving positive change. 

Wilson Ramirez: A Teacher's Perspective

“As a teacher, developing these workshops opened my mind and awakened my curiosity to start one of my ideas that I had always wanted to do, which goes hand in hand and according to the principles, to develop a venture, which I am pleased to mention that because of this experience I was able to make my first demo, a project of education in technology through robotics workshops aimed at children in rural areas of our country, El Salvador.”


Wilson Ramirez, an educator with 18 years of experience, shares his journey of inspiration and innovation made possible by PMIEF workshops. Facilitating these workshops, Wilson witnessed first-hand the transformative impact on his students’ lives. The workshops sparked enthusiasm among students, inspiring their passion for project management and entrepreneurial endeavours. Witnessing his students’ eagerness to enact change, Wilson himself was inspired to pursue his long-held dream of educational outreach. 


Drawing from the workshop’s principles, Wilson initiated a project to provide robotics workshops to children in rural areas, fostering technological literacy and empowerment. Through meticulous planning and execution, Wilson’s project not only enriched the lives of countless children but also exemplified the positive effects of educational empowerment. 

The organisation was able to train more than 60 teachers to work on the Project Management workshop in our country, also we have managed to have an approach and impact on 4 NGO’s allies in our country to benefit more young people with this workshop, which allows us to continue working in the coming years with them and seek opportunities to expand the support network and reach more young people.

Fundación Gloria de Kriete – Programa Oportunidades empowers the Salvadoran youth to pursue their dreams. Through strategic alliances, innovative programmes, and the dedication of individuals like César Vásquez and Wilson Ramirez, this organisation continues to transform communities.