Empowering Youth Voices: Highlights from the Second Aflatalks Youth Forum in Latin America and the Caribbean

The AflaTalks Americas


In alignment with Aflatoun International’s 2022-2026 global strategy, the Latin America and Caribbean region has been actively working towards transforming the participation of children, young people, and partners within its network. A pivotal step towards achieving this goal was establishing a virtual forum aimed at amplifying the voices of young people in the region.


Initiated by the Regional Committee of partner organisations, the first virtual youth forum, named AflaTalks Americas, took place online on May 30, 2023. This inaugural event provided a platform for young participants from the region to share their experiences within the Aflatoun network and discuss topics of mutual interest. The enthusiasm displayed by the students underscored their eagerness to continue engaging in dialogue and showcasing the impactful work being done within their respective organizations.


Building upon the success of the initial forum, the Second AflaTalks Forum of the Latin American and Caribbean Region was organised. Spanning over a month, this event facilitated discussions across four key themes: entrepreneurship and the environment; artificial intelligence and employability; future life and financial planning; and cybersecurity. Prior to the forum, participants prepared various audiovisual materials backed by extensive research and infographics, further enriching the dialogue.


Youth Recommendations to Regional Governments


One of the significant outcomes of the second forum is a comprehensive document featuring recommendations formulated by the participating students. These recommendations are directed towards regional governments, urging them to integrate strategies related to financial education into their agendas, aligned with the voices and priorities of active citizenry. Key recommendations include establishing evolving training spaces on pertinent topics, stringent controls on misleading advertising, particularly prevalent on social media platforms, and the provision of open forums to address concerns related to employability and life planning.


Looking ahead, this document will be shared at the upcoming Regional Meeting of Latin America and the Caribbean, scheduled to take place in Costa Rica in September. The AflaTalks Youth Forum continues to serve as a catalyst for positive change within the region by amplifying youth voices and advocating for their inclusion in policy-making processes.