Energising the global movement for social and financial education: Aflatoun’s Strategy 2022-2026

Aflatoun International pioneered Social and Financial Education (SFE) fifteen years ago when financial education for children was still essentially taboo. In the years since Aflatoun has worked with over 300 partner organisations and 40+ governments in over 100 countries. Research evidence has shown the positive impact of SFE on children and youth’s educational performance and financial habits.

Today, we believe Aflatoun remains uniquely positioned to bring essential life and financial skills to children and youth worldwide. The voices of children, our partners, and our stakeholders were at the centre of building our strategy for 2022–2026.

Aflatoun International’s central aspiration for 2030 is to ensure that future generations of children are empowered by ensuring that SFE becomes included in the post-2030 social development goals.

Over the next five years, by training over 250,000 teachers, growing the Aflatoun movement to 600 partner organisations and working towards national integration with governments and multilateral agencies in over 60 countries, we aim to reach 60 million children and youth.

Aflatoun strategic framework 2022‑2026 will focus on three strategic objectives, each with several strategic initiatives:

1 Continuously improve inclusive and responsive education resources through different delivery models (e.g. in-person, digital)

2 Ignite and grow the Global Aflatoun Network

3 Drive bold thought leadership in a turbulent (post-Covid-19) world.

These objectives will be supported by three Strategic Enablers: further building a world-class organisation to support the growth of the global network, further diversifying our sources of funding for financial sustainability, and rolling out globally endorsed branding.

Check out the full Strategy document here or read the Summary in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Dutch.