Entrepreneurial skills and more in curriculum launch focused on young people

Aflatoun International launches AflaYouth, an empirical curriculum developed to support sustainable livelihood, tailored for marginalised youth

The curriculum caters to the age group of 16 – 24+ years and enables the youth to build applied social and financial skillsets, including employability and entrepreneurial skills, to better equip them for the job market or to start their own businesses.  

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, 17 October, 2019 – Aflatoun International will launch its latest curriculum ‘AflaYouth’ during its Global Social and Financial Skills Conference, from 30 Oct -1 Nov, 2019.

The AflaYouth programme, comprising three tracks – Social and Financial Education, Employability Skills and Entrepreneurship Skills, is suited to be easily adaptable in all contexts. It will enable the youth, particularly vulnerable young women and men (from agricultural communities, other low-income groups, school drop-outs, etc.) to gain access to training, on- and offline courses, and mentoring during their transitions into internships, the formal labour market and/or entrepreneurship.

AflaYouth would also provide support to local organisations to engage with young people, the private sector and the value chains across the world.

Aflatoun CEO, Roeland Monasch, says, “Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and local entrepreneurs would, especially, stand to benefit from the rich talent pool that AflaYouth can help build. In collaboration with our partners globally, we are adopting an innovative approach, whereby participants will be inspired, informed, engaged, coached and assisted to start a private enterprise or achieve employment through effective upskilling.”

“We believe AflaYouth would be mainly useful for our partners who implement it outside formal school systems (focusing on informal education). Having said that, the curriculum can also be quite fruitful for technical and vocational training institutes and can be adapted for secondary and tertiary education students, preparing to join the workforce,” adds Michelle Tjeenk Willink, Senior Curriculum Manager at Aflatoun.

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