Entrepreneurship Competition Aflateen 2016

MTV Latin America, in collaboration with Aflatoun International and Scotiabank, encouraged young entrepreneurs in Latin America to participate in a competition. In this competition they were invited to create a social and financial project that had a positive impact on their community.

The competition was promoted via MTV in the Americas. MTV overarching aim is to utilize and maximize the power of MTV’s network and brand to inspire youth and put change in their hands proposing entrepreneurial solutions to community issues.


Aflateen programme

All young people in the competition followed the Aflateen programme, developed by Aflatoun International in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation and Scotiabank. The Aflateen programme brings social and financial education to young people around the world. The programme offers two key learning paths; one focused on social skills and the other on financial education. The curriculum teaches young people how to manage their finances and encourages them to question the world around them. The mission and motto is “Aflateen socially and economically inspires young people to empower them to lead a responsible life and be agents of change”.


Competition results

MTV Latin America, Aflatoun International and Scotiabank are proud to announce Young Financial Network (Red de Jovènes Financieros, RJF) as winner of the “Entrepreneurs Competition Aflateen”. Young Financial Network is an organisation created in Medellin, Colombia composed of young entrepreneurs who aim to transform the world through social education, finance, entrepreneurship and leadership. They aim to create a society of young innovators who know how to use and discover their talents and passions. RJF is dedicated to disseminating information and financial education for children and youth in the country, bringing their classrooms financial class concepts in a fun way so they can make better financial decisions for their future.