ERASMUS+ PROJECT – Boosting social inclusion through targeted action

This project supports partnership initiative aimed at promoting innovation in social and financial education of children, their parents and teachers/professionals and exchange of experiences between participating partners. We want to bring a change to education in the field our schools very rarely work in, or they work only very informally and marginally, without any specific objectives. The project will improve competencies of teachers working with target groups. Parents will be strongly involved in direct work with children, because they are the main characters in children’s lives and they can influence their attitudes and positive approach to the world. The project is focused on developing competences of primary and secondary school children, especially social and civic competences by implementing an innovative program of integrated social and financial education Aflatoun in 3 participating countries (Slovakia, Serbia, Netherlands). Social and financial education curriculum of this program – which should be a crucial part of education in the aftermath of COVID-19 – is built on principle that a person´s personal, social and economic lives are interconnected and should be taught in a holistic manner to enable children to pursue their goals and reach their full potential. Aflatoun motivates children to be active, self-motivated learners eager to understand the world they live in. Preschool and primary education can contribute greatly to combating educational disadvantages, if certain conditions are met. The most effective intervention programs involve intensive, early starting, child focused, centre-based education with strong parent involvement, parent education, educational home activities and measures of family support. Our project meets all these conditions. This project empowers children and their parents through civil and social competences development to become agents of change for them and their communities.

Activities of the project are connected and there is a specific order they need to happen in in order to successfully multiply the knowledge of the program Aflatoun. At first we need to train a group of trainers. Their task will then be to train other teachers/professionals. All these trained teachers/teaching professionals/youth workers will then carry out workshops in their schools/facilities with children, young people and parents involved.