Financial Education + Life Skills = Girl Power

It’s 8 March 2017, International Women’s Day. As my colleague David beautifully said: “It’s a day to remember that women are not treated equally to men across the world. It’s a reminder that women worldwide are exposed to shocking abuse from sexual violence and female genital mutilation, to forced early marriage and deprivation of their most basic rights. International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the actions we do every single day to change our present and future, to close the gender gap globally, to have a real egalitarian society, to end discrimination and any kind of violence against women.”

At Aflatoun International we look forward to the day we no longer need this reminder. That is why we focus on gender equality and diversity in our programmes. We also implement programmes specifically with the objective to economically empower girls. Together with Plan International and Credit Suisse’s Financial Education for Girls programme we aim to improve the financial knowledge and life skills of approximately 100,000 girls in Brazil, China, India and Rwanda.