Global Master Trainer: Ali Dodo

How did working with Aflatoun International impact you personally and professionally, could you share few examples?

ALI DODO, I am in charge of training and awareness within the NGO ADENI / Niger. I started the Aflatoun trainings in 2010, and since 2014 I am an Aflatoun Master Trainer. Working with Aflatoun International allowed me to better manage my training sessions, to become an “Aflatoun” (To incorporate the Aflatoun concept within myself) and to calmly approach my class and the coaching activities with teachers.

Why do you think social and financial education is important for all children and young people?

Social and Financial Education is important for children and young people because it fills an institutional gap. Our education system did not have it in a precise way so by the five basic elements, Aflatoun prepares the citizen of tomorrow, prepares the entrepreneur of tomorrow and creates a good social dynamics taking into account gender in all its dimension.

Can you share an example that showed the impact directly, this could be from a student, teacher, parent etc.

At the end of our training sessions the participants always say: I have just discovered something wonderful from the point of view of the method as well as the message!