Global Master Trainer: Hazel

How did working with Aflatoun International impact you personally and professionally? Please share some examples.

I have been with NATCCO for more than a decade under the Education, Training, and Consultancy Group and one of the employees for Aflatoun program. This program made me  more responsible when it came to my finances. I also gained the knowledge on how to separate the needs and wants, not to get a loan as much as possible and use money in a good way. Being a Global Master Trainer, it helped me to improve my facilitation, interpersonal and communication skills. I became more confident in dealing with other people, in all walks of life. I appreciated and understood the different culture and belief of other countries.

Global Master Training provided  me with methodologies to make the training for teachers more active and participatory. It also presented the digital refresher training platform for teachers to be refreshed with their learning. It was an enriching and fulfilling experience to be one of the participants of the Aflatoun Global Master Training. I am grateful to NATCCO and to the Aflatoun International for the priceless learning and exposure. Through this training and learnings, we can empower more teachers, children, young people, and cooperatives in the Philippines through relevant and sustainable social and financial education.

 Why do you think Aflatoun is very important for all children and young people?

A balanced approach of social and financial education can help the children to understand their rights and responsibilities  and enables them to appreciate and develop themselves and provide them with the financial knowledge to make use of available resources. Thus empowering the children and young people to make a difference in their lives and in the community and this is what Aflatoun does in an important role for children and young people.

Can you share an example that showed the impact directly, this could be from a student, teacher, parent etc? This can even be an example from one of your training sessions or a heart-warming story from your partner organization

Mikael Jon Ivanovich B. Balag of MSU-IIT Coop Academy and a son of an Oversees Filipino Worker. He is an Aflatoun member of MSU-IIT NMPC and has been awarded as one of the consistent Aflatoun Depositor since he was in Grade 1. He used to spend all his money to his cravings like candies, chocolates and toys. And his mom slowly helped him understand that money does not grow on trees. Hard earned money must also be spent prudently. In so doing, it needs a little discipline, delaying gratification, and sacrifice to limit his wants and focus more on his needs. He truly understands that because his father is working hard to earn the money, he should also be considerate and careful in spending it. With that idea and understanding, he made an improvised piggy bank and drop a certain amount of coins that he can save for the day. His teachers and parents emphasized that financial knowledge and skills should be acquired by children while they are still young so that they will carry the values with them when they grow up.

Teachers are trained to integrate the program to their classrooms. The cooperatives act as depository savings of the children. Aflatoun program helps to break the cycle of poverty by giving them the right education and financial access to the cooperatives.