Global Master Trainer: Jonathan Kifunda

How did working with Aflatoun International impact you personally and professionally? Could you share few examples.


With a passion for development I have committed myself in the past few years to the development of our societies in the area of social and financial education. As the Global Master Trainer (GMT) based in Tanzania and working with Aflatoun International, I am proud today that I have a group of people who have been impacted by Aflatoun programmes and have changed their life, this starts by myself as an example.

The story of Aflatoun and myself started 8 years ago when I was trained as a Trainer of Trainings (ToT) in a rural area in Northern Tanzania where I was working for an international organisation. My commitment and passion to the Aflatoun programme grew rapidly and I was soon entrusted with more roles as a Regional Master Trainer (RMT). I practiced this role for five years before I was again given another interesting role of Global Master Trainer (GMT). I am very proud of the impact I have been able to provide. It has been a successful journey, which Aflatoun took me through from a training of trainers to a Global Master Trainer role.

I get a lot of self-fulfilment and happiness through this role. I have travelled in different countries to train, I have interacted with many people around the world. This is a personal impact that I have achieved with the support of Aflatoun. Social Entrepreneurship and business are another side of me. I own a small but quickly growing company which deals with Medical products trading business. I am also a founder of a local NGO which deals with indi

vidual and groups behaviour change, social and financial intervention being amongst our interventions. This has given me the chance to share what I get with people whom I have employed in the business and in my NGO. This is one of the skills that I got from Aflatoun, “share what you have with needy people”.


Why do you think Aflatoun is very important for all children and young people?

Knowledge is power and it is through knowledge we drive change and arrive to the development we want to see. Aflatoun is all about social and financial education provision to children and young people. It is important because we need children who will keep the world a safe and interesting place to live. It is until we know the balance between financial and non-financial resources is when we can enjoy life. We therefore need the next generation to start raising money but with the attention that money has value if the social aspect is kept into consideration with the same weight as money.

Can you share an example that showed the impact directly, this could be from a student, teacher, parent etc? This can even be an example from one of your training sessions or a heart-warming story from your partner organization

Charles Njile, a 25-year-old boy from Meatu, is an entrepreneur who is self employed. He learned about Aflateen 4 years ago. Currently he owns Motorbike Transport service business. In addition to this, Mr Kimario, a teacher at Malugala primary school who is a Trainer of Trainings for Aflatoun is still doing his Trainer of Trainings job even after the project has ended. He is proud of making his school green by planting trees, vegetable gardens which allows the children he works with to make money and also serve the environment. This is my pride to impact people who are around me.