Global Master Trainer: Luan


Luan is one of our Global Master Trainer’s from Macedonia and works with the Centre of Human Rights ad Conflict Resolution. Read about his experience with Aflatoun below.

How did working with Aflatoun International impact you personally and professionally, could you share few examples?

Working with Aflatoun and its experts is a huge challenge. I’m impressed not only by the curricula but also by the adaptation and contextualization for local needs and specific circumstances. I have learned so much, not only about different methods and strategies of teaching the children, but also from the children themselves. This wonderful opportunity has replaced something I have missed for years, Aflatoun provided a wealth of resources, knowledge and the structure. Meeting with so many people from all over the world and shearing experiences makes me feel citizen of the world rather than as a citizen of a particular nation or place.


Why do you think social and financial education is important for all children and young people?

 In my country children and young people (and many adults as well) do not have the knowledge and skills to actively participate and contribute to our society. I strongly believe that social and financial education contributes and empowers us to reshape our future and to become more independent. Working with children in those topics and seeing how they are becoming socially and economically empowered is the greatest satisfaction of my work. Children are aware that they are growing up in an increasingly complex world where they will eventually need to take charge of their own financial future. I believe that social and financial education can make a difference. It can empower and equip young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take charge of their lives and build a more secure future for themselves.


Can you share an example that showed the impact directly, this could be from a student, teacher, parent etc. This can even an example from one of your training sessions or a heart-warming story from your partner organisation.

During a training with the children on a pilot project for financial education, at seeing the excitement in the children, one teacher approached to me and said: “I believe that you should organize training for teachers and adults first. I will bring all my family as well! Those are very important things and we should already know this but unfortunately we (adults) didn’t have opportunity to listen never those thinks.”