Inspiring Change in Children and Young People through Social and Financial Education

Aflatoun International’s Social and Financial Education programme is one of the most well-researched international life-skills programmes in the world. We have a strong, global evidence base showing social, financial and educational improvements in children and young people after participating in the Aflatot (for children 3-6), Aflatoun (primary school age) or Aflateen (14+).

In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the different programmes have been assessed in Romania, Serbia, Albania and Tajikistan, Croatia, and Macedonia. Results show that participants had more respect for diversity and inclusiveness with regard to Roma children and disabled children. The study from Romania shows that children improved their communication skills, self-esteem and respectful attitudes towards authority figures. It was also found that school results were improved after the programme, and children were more motivated to go to school. The SRHR education programme combined with financial education in Tajikistan shows very positive impacts on girls with regard to both social and financial outcomes. The teacher training was assessed in both Albania and Serbia and the teachers were convinced of the appropriateness and the added value of this training compared to other trainings.