Junior Achievement Armenia – Partner of the Week

The Junior Achievement Armenia (JAA) celebrates it’s 28th anniversary this year. Over the past 28 years JAA has impacted over a million students, 15,000 teachers and hundreds of school principals through their training and education programmes.

In 1991, JAA came into Armenia as they broke off from the Soviet Union and adopted the road to free market economics. It was evident that although the country had the intent of turning from a socialist economy into one of capitalism, the population lacked the knowledge or skills to embrace it. What started in eight schools as a pilot project, was transformed, over the following years into a comprehensive programme in all 1400 schools of Armenia.

In 2017, the government of Armenia adopted a mandate and requested JAA to implement and offer its programme to all grade levels in all schools of the Republic. JAA continues to grow and looks forward to assisting Armenia in its quest to arm its young generation with the ABCs of free market economics. In addition to providing businessmen with the courage to compete in the fast changing and ever demanding forces of the global marketplace.



JAA joined Aflatoun’s family in 2010 because the Junior Achievement Organization’s educational programmes are targeted primarily to high school students. Aflatoun’s programme, Aflateen, was the chosen curricula to assist students in their transformation. Since 2010, the number of schools and students included in the Aflatoun programme has grown year by year and this year it reached 12 schools and 240 pupils.

According to Aida Muradyan a student participating the Aflateen programme, “Aflateen program gave me good knowledge in finance, traditional and social entrepreneurship, as well as many friends.”

Lilit Hakobyan another student said, “I like the theme of social enterprise. It is a new concept in Armenia. Before participating in this program I did not know what social enterprise meant, I had not even heard that phrase before. Now I know what social entrepreneurship is and how important it is in reforming our lives.”

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