Launch of Early Childhood Education Programme, Aflatot.

After 1,5 years of piloting in 33 countries and doing a revision, Aflatoun International launched today its early childhood education curriculum Aflatot. The Aflatot curriculum focuses on early childhood education for sustainable development and emphasises families’ crucial role in this context. The new curriculum aligns with the commitments formulated in the Sustainable Development Goals that all boys and girls have access to early childhood development, care and quality education.

AflaTot is based on holistic teaching methods that embrace both social and financial elements. It helps young children to develop proactive attitudes, practical skills, and values. AflaTot teaches children a positive attitude towards preserving the environment; equips children with skills to use precious resources responsible; and encourages an equitable view of diversity, genders, religions and cultures.

The Aflatot programme promotes the role of children’s parents and family for successful early childhood development. Academic literature has shown that young children’s socio-emotional and cognitive development strongly benefits from parents’ and family’s involvement in their early education and from a stronger connection between learning at school and at home.

Aflatoun International believes that even in their early years, children are highly capable and competent, regardless of their background or experiences. The early childhood years offer a unique window of opportunity in which to nurture a child’s development. Positive learning experiences in this period lay the firm foundation that is essential if children are to reach their full potential.

“The education for sustainable development cannot start early enough – It is our aim that all 3 to 6 year olds have access to early childhood education, especially the most vulnerable girls and boys. Integrating Aflatot into national curricula will empower children at a very young age” – Roeland Monasch, CEO Aflatoun International

The Aflatot education manual was officially presented at the Global Workshop on Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Development organised by Aflatoun International in collaboration with Open Society Foundations. The workshop had participants from Education ministries and education organisations in 18 countries worldwide.

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