Launching AflaMaster Trainer Certification

Aflatoun Master Trainer Certification is a program designed for facilitators and teacher trainers. It combines in-person and online learning, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of financial literacy and teaching strategies. What is more, AMTC encompasses training, hands-on practice, and constructive feedback, offering time for growth and continuous support. This programme engages teacher trainers and facilitators in educational activities that replicate the techniques they would use with the children and youth they work with. AMTC encourages forming learning communities, allowing professionals to share expertise systematically. 


By 2026, we are aiming to create a community of 120+ Global and Regional Master Trainers, with 50% of them delivering training online (as well as in person). The AflaMaster Trainer Certification is an ecosystem of continuous learning and networking. Partners will have 70% certified trainers, contributing to a landscape characterised by real-world impact. 


The objectives of the Aflatoun Master Trainer Certification (AMTC) converge on creating well-rounded educators prepared for impactful leadership. AMTC seeks to provide participants with a comprehensive insight into the Social and Financial Education environment, fostering a nuanced understanding of these domains. Simultaneously, the programme encourages the expansion of professional networks and access to diverse learning resources. A central focus is placed on enhancing participants’ comprehension of youth development, acknowledging the vital role that educators play in shaping the future generation. Additionally, AMTC empowers participants to investigate various methods and strategies for effective training delivery, ensuring they not only possess knowledge but also the skills to impart it meaningfully. Together, these objectives form a cohesive framework, equipping participants to be informed, collaborative, and effective educators. 

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