Life Skills and Financial Education through a Gender Lens – Jean Baptiste

Jean Baptiste discovered at an early age that he has a naturalist’s inclination. Apart from attending classes at the Complexe Scolaire La Croissance, in Lomé, Togo,  he spends most of his free time on agriculture and animal breeding. This is a subject that he learnt at the Aflatoun Club he attends, during the agro-ecological training courses. 


On his way back from school, Jean Baptiste hurriedly runs to his stable. With delicate gestures, he lets one of the rabbits out of his school bag to graze on the grass. His father and mother, not surprised, approach him and talk to him about his school day. “This is his ritual, since he started breeding. I had to go to school to understand what had motivated this sudden passion towards gardening and animals” says his father. Once at school, he came to know the Aflatoun Club and he understood his son’s new passion.  

Jean Baptiste, 13 years old and a student in the fourth grade, joined the Aflatoun Club 2 years ago. Fascinated by livestock and agriculture, he was delighted to discover that the Aflatoun Club of his school, allowed him to learn more about this topic and practice it in his school garden. Moreover, after learning about financial management, the student decided to save and buy the first tools for his breeding. 

Today, Jean Baptiste’s has 15 hens, about 50 chicks, 20 pigs, turkeys and rabbits. “At the Aflatoun Club, I had the opportunity to develop my passion for gardening and breeding. At home, I don’t have the space for gardening, but I do for breeding. That’s why I started my business with the support of my parents,” he says shyly. 

The fourth grader has already made sales since he started his business. He has sold about 10 rabbits, chickens and roosters. With the income from his sales, he supports himself and his family. He helps his parents financially and plans to buy a bicycle to shorten the distance between his home and his school. 

Jean Baptiste’s ambition is to expand his farm and make it his main source of income in the future: “My collective savings are used to manage my daily needs, and the other half is used to maintain my farm.” With the Aflatoun Club, Jean Baptiste has discovered his green thumb and does not intend to stop there. He hopes to become a great farmer and breeder in his native region.