Partner of the Week: AAmAAl Iran

AAmAAl is an organisation founded 10 years ago in Iran to inspire children to empower themselves socially and financially, to improve their lives and communities for a just world. 

The organisation believes that empowering children and youth is one of the most important factors in improving societies. A more balanced and stable society needs education that can provide young people with the tools to build a better community for themselves. To do so, they need a good education system based on balancing all human dimensions and qualified teachers.  

The organisation works to raise awareness in young people, prepare educational content, train facilitators and support them to take action.  

Our Partnership 

AAmAAl and Aflatoun International partnered in 2014 because the Irani organisation believed that Aflatoun’s educational approach and attention to Social and Financial Education are vital for the country. It was also valuable for them to pay attention to cooperative education, learning by doing and the Active Learning Methods, which they consider to be exceptional methods of teaching. Moreover, the partnership allowed them to receive training and support for the facilitators and they appreciated the network model that Aflatoun has, which is an opportunity to get in touch and share experiences with different partners in the region and the world.  

According to AAmAAl, Social and Financial Education is needed nowadays for peace and life, to learn how to speak together and have a dialogue that is constructive and peaceful. It is also needed to learn how to build a dynamic society to achieve a better future.  

They are very excited about participating with the children and youth in the education process. The children help them improve and advance the programme, by giving them good ideas and talking about their needs. They speak about their opinions, ask questions and explain their point of view. Moreover, by contextualising the content to the Irani context, they are developing a web base library for facilitators around the country to plan lessons everywhere and share their experiences and challenges.  

Cooperation is the Key 

AAmAAl was proud to share with us some of the successes they have achieved since partnering with Aflatoun. In fact, they have trained more than 350 facilitators and translated the 33 Aflatoun books in Farsi.  

They have been working in a variety of contexts, from reformatory schools, to refugee children, children with disabilities and in poverty, making sure to learn how to grow together and solve problems as a society.  

They are also happy to have built throughout the years a good collaboration and relationship with their students, so that now those who have graduated are cooperating with them to advise on the lessons plan and methods, making this a truly cooperative learning environment, which will empower Irani young people to be agents of change and better their society.