Partner of the Week: ACENTIA

ACENTIA was created a year ago and works towards promoting financial literacy and entrepreneurship as necessary skills for children and young people in Indonesia to navigate their life. Their mission is to improve and develop the capacity and capability to deliver financial education programmes and strengthen a collaborative system with different stakeholders in order to push for innovation.  

What makes ACENTIA unique is that they advance financial literacy and entrepreneurship through a direct strategic partnership with the formal education system stakeholders in Indonesia. As a matter of fact, the organisation was created because of the lack of awareness of the significance of financial education for students in the country. Many schools started creating their own financial curricula, but the lack of expertise made the programmes solely about setting up a business but disregarding the social aspect. ACENTIA decided to bridge this gap by rolling out a comprehensive and quality curriculum for children and youth.  

Our Partnership 

ACENTIA became Aflatoun’s partner in July 2021 and has been implementing the Aflatoun, Aflatot and Aflayouth curricula.  

They believe that Aflatoun has an exceptional international network with numerous stakeholders in social and financial education, which is an opportunity for them to find other partners to collaborate and become drivers of change for a better society. ACENTIA considers Aflatoun a great partner to enhance their future and that of the Indonesian education system. They were first attracted by Aflatoun’s programmes because of the active learning methods that put the students at the centre of the learning process. Moreover, they found the age range of Aflatoun’s curricula very interesting, as this makes the learning process more relevant, enjoyable and fun. 

They explained that Indonesia is now seeing the positive emergence of many fintech start-ups; however, this growth is not followed by the learning of social and financial education which constitute a problem for the future generation that might face difficulties in making responsible decisions in the midst of the myriad of financial services available. 

Another focus they want to work on is the age target. ACENTIA shared that the majority of financial awareness campaigns are directed at the generation of millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996). ACENTIA hopes to contribute to a future where the younger generations can also be provided with the relevant financial and entrepreneurship skills to become agents of change in their lives.  


More than 100 schools working with ACENTIA 

Although ACENTIA was established only a year ago, they have already been expanding their reach and have now been working in 34 provinces in Indonesia. They have been collaborating with more than 100 schools – from national schools, religion-based and boarding schools, international schools – and they look forward to growing and reaching as many children and youth as possible.