Partner of the Week: Action de Développement de la Femme et de l’Enfant, DR Congo

Action de Développement de la Femme et de l’Enfant (ADEFE) is a Congolese NGO operating in the region of Sud-Kivu with a focus on education, income generation and social and economic reintegration of vulnerable women and children.

ADEFE became an Aflatoun partner in 2010 following our first Master Training in Bamako, Mali. Shortly after, they started contextualising the Aflateen programme, aiming at young girls and boys who were involved in the army as soldiers or as sexual slaves of the military. 204 young people, varying from 15 to 22 years old, largely illiterate and innumerate, received the programme. In parallel, ADEFE contributed to the formal education system in some remote areas in Sud-Kivu by providing training and pedagogical support to teachers, advocating for child rights and gender equality.

In 2013, ADEFE’s programme was evaluated and participants scored higher than non-participants on measures of knowledge, skills. Overall, it showed a positive effect on the behaviour of participants in finding their place within the community following a traumatic experience. These outcomes indicate that Aflateen can be used in conjunction with vocational and psychosocial support for vulnerable children and young people living in conflict or other fragile settings.


Ngulie’s story

Ngulie is a 22 year old widow and a mother of 2 children. She used to work in mines to sustain herself and her children. Thanks to the Aflateen programme, she has acquired vocational training as a motorbike technician. She now earns a living by driving motorbikes, making motorbikes and repairing electric generators. She has become self assured, self sufficient and the pride of the young people of her community, both male and female.