Partner of the Week: ActionAid Hellas

ActionAid Hellas is based in Greece and is part of the international organisation Action Aid. Action Aid Hellas was founded in 1998 to support children, teenagers and adults that are financially challenged and threatened by social and economic exclusion. Thanks to a local community centre called Epikentro, in 2018, more than 407 children and teenagers benefited from educational programmes and services, sponsored by Action Aid Hellas.

Our partnership

In 2019, ActionAid Hellas partnered with Aflatoun International and The Institute of European Investment Bank (EIB) to launch the educational initiative HELITFIN which aims to reach 42,000 Greek students by August 2021. HELITFIN focuses on financial education activities including getting acquainted with basic financial terms and skills and providing a basis for participants to develop analytical skills.

We asked HELITFIN organisers about what they liked best about our curriculum. They said, “The flexibility of Aflatoun’s curriculum was a trait we are very keen on, as it provides great opportunities to contextualise and adapt in order to develop resources that address local and national educational needs.”

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