Al Nayzak is a Palestinian non-profit, non- partisan, Jerusalemite Organisation that looks for young talents in science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship and math (STEEM). Since 2003, Al Nayzak has been working on the development and reinforcement of a new culture that embraces science and entrepreneurship. Moreover, the organisation promotes this culture among Palestinian youth so that their competence in productive applied sciences could provide them with better economic opportunities, and lead to future prosperity. In order to acquire those skills in scientific-thinking, Al Nayzak uses empirical tools to help individuals gain life skills, which empowers them to face different challenges in their journey and build a modern Palestinian society.

Al Nayzak uncovers and encourages talents of young school students through a variety of annual programs; The Talented Students Incubator (TSI) is one. Since 2004, TSI has been discovering and fostering students to help them further advance their creative thinking and mental abilities. The students undergo a variety of professional trainings and courses when first joining the programme in the 3rd grade, and eventually graduating with advanced skills and competencies in the 7th grade.

This year, Al Nayzak integrated Aflatoun’s curriculum of life skills and financial education in the material of the Talented Students Incubator, reaching more talents in different areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem.



“We’re learning a lot about science and technology, financial education and how to react to different situations in this round of the Talented Students Incubator program. What I like best is that it teaches us practical and important stuff in a fun and a different way. My favourite sessions are the ones that involve financial education, because it showed me how to save some of my allowance to buy the things I want. I also enjoy the “Let’s Discover” courses because I learn how to act in many difficult cases that happen daily, these courses also taught me how to make new friends, how to work with others and how to make other people feel better. I love going to TSI sessions because I now have many friends there and I always spend a good time!”

-Rou ’a Jubeh from the 5th grade and is participating in the programme