Partner of the Week: Amal Khair Yasmin

For 23 years, the organisation Amal Khair Yasmin has been focusing on providing children from unprivileged families with high quality free education, to be independent in the future.  

They have been working on multiple levels to provide formal and non-formal education to low-income families, and organise mentoring programmes to improve the quality of madrasah (Islamic schools) and other schools in underserved communities. Amal Khair Yasmin also hosts affordable workshops and training with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills, to improve the general quality of education across Indonesia.  They also organise events and programmes to deliver free health care as well as engage in advocacy and support for low-income families to access quality health facilities.  

Moreover, the organisation works on developing the self-sufficiency of business units following their respective core competencies, and optimising their community of donors through a well-organised network and development activities. Among their activities, families can benefit from a free autism therapy centre and consultation services for the mental well-being of adolescents. In addition, they have developed an orphanage for children with mental disorders and a training programme for teachers from marginal schools. 

The unique aspect of this organisation is that they set up some social enterprises that generate donations towards quality and free education through the sale of used goods. 



Our Partnership 

Started in 2012 for a project and made official in 2018, the partnership between Aflatoun International and Amal Khair Yasmin continues to this day through the roll-out of the Aflateen, Aflateen+, Aflatot and Aflatoun curricula 

They chose to partner with Aflatoun because it has a long and proven experience in various countries and because of the adaptability and applicability of its Social and Financial Education module to the needs of different schools and communities.  


The success of the kindergarten TK Ceria, run by Amal Khair Yasmin, and the organisation’s Social Enterprise BarBeku Shop, are two of the most significant achievements of the foundation.

First Place in Kindergarten Competition 

They have been successfully implementing the Aflatot programme in the TK Ceria kindergarten for more than three years, integrating it with the Indonesian national curriculum. Then, they participated in the Kindergarten Management Competition in Bogor Regency, and won the first place! As a result, TK Ceria, with its combined Aflatoun and national programmes, became a model for other kindergartens across the region.  

The BarBeku Shop 

Another successful initiative launched by Amal Khair Yasmin is the Social Enterprise BarBeku Shop is the organisation’s flagship business project. It is a thrift store to buy second-hand goods. The uniqueness of this project is that all the profits from the BarBeku Shop go towards financing Amal Khair Yasmin’s social programmes, including free education for underprivileged children and youth. Moreover, the organisation wanted this social enterprise to represent a new way of donating, not through money, but through used goods that can be bought by someone else, while doing good for the community and children.  

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the BarBeku Shop initially faced some challenges. However, Amal Khair Yasmin shared with us that the Shop was able to survive and even increase its sales turnover through hard work. Hence, this meant an increase in the organisation’s finances and, consequently, a greater number of beneficiaries that Amal Khair Yasmin will now be able to reach.