Partner of the Week: APPEC

The Association pour le Developpement de l’Education Financière et de l’Entrepreneuriat du Congo (APPEC), formerly L’Association pour la Promotion de l’Education Chrétienne, has been working for 10 years on their mission to develop organisations and people as change-makers in their communities. 

They do this through financial education and entrepreneurship training for children, youth, women and NGOs in order to contributing to capacity-building and bring about positive changes in individuals and the community. Ultimately, APPEC’s goal is to tackle youth poverty and unemployment in communities by providing tailored training in entrepreneurship and financial education.  



Aflatoun has been partnering with APPEC since 2011, delivering social, financial and entrepreneurial education to children and young people in Kinshasa and other provinces, and building a network of local NGOs to further the reach of Aflatoun curricula. They now implement the Aflateen+ programme, as well as the Agribusiness supplement, and have created Aflatoun clubs in both formal and non-formal settings across the country.   

Read our last feature on APPEC in 2017, and how they worked with Aflatoun to support GIZ and the Central Bank on developing the national curricula on financial literacy.


Youth Entrepreneurship: Ilunga’s Mobile Cards Business 

Ilunga, a 16-year-old, was trained in the Aflatoun curriculum through APPEC. With this training, he acquired the necessary tools and skills to save up and use the resources at his disposal wisely, and he began collecting plastic bottles to resell them to an urban waste recycling company. With the financial resources he acquired, he had seed money to pay his school fees and start a business of selling prepaid mobile cards.