Partner of the week: Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI)

AUDI is a non-governmental, urban research, technical and consulting organisation, founded in 1980 and located in Saudi Arabia.

Their focus

AUDI focuses on increasing the quality of municipal services in Arab towns and works closely with the Arab Towns Organisation. An important part of the work AUDI does is providing training courses, workshops, seminars, scientific forums, symposia and conferences – acknowledge the human resources are important for cities to thrive too.

They have five main programme areas:
– City Development Strategy
– Capacity Building
– Children and Youth
– Urban Observatories
– Urban Poverty Mitigation


As part of their Children and Youth programming, AUDI has partnered with Aflatoun since 2016. AUDI works with local organisations to implement Aflatoun curriculum. The Aflatoun curriculum focuses on children ages 6 – 14 years old and offers lesson plans on social and financial education themes – incorporating songs, worksheets, games and activities.

The content can be used in formal and non-formal educational settings.

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