Partner of the Week: ASPIRE, The Dominican Republic

The Association for Investment and Employment, Inc. (ASPIRE) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1983 in the Dominican Republic. Its purpose is to promote the comprehensive development of Dominican families belonging to the most vulnerable sectors of society. This is achieved through social and financial education, entrepreneurship support for micro-entrepreneurs, personal finance education, assistance to people with disabilities, and technical guidance. 

ASPIRE’s goal is to promote the comprehensive development of Dominican families living in vulnerable conditions. The organisation believes that empowering individuals and families with the tools and knowledge they need is crucial for sustainable economic and social development. However, in the Dominican Republic, many citizens mismanage their personal resources and financial services, leading to serious debt problems. People are often encouraged by the media to buy more and more and consume through various offers and promotions, but they receive little guidance on how to use money wisely. This situation contributes to widespread poverty, affecting not only adults but also children. Therefore, ASPIRE’s mission is to educate and raise awareness on these topics, with a focus on children. 


Our Partnership 

ASPIRE’s dedication to empowering the youth has led them to an important partnership with Aflatoun International. Through the Aspire Juvenil programme in collaboration with Aflatoun International, they are implementing a model that promotes Social and Financial Education for children and adolescents.  

ASPIRE’s team has received specialised training from Aflatoun International, equipping them to deliver dynamic and practical financial education to children and adolescents. This partnership has been instrumental in expanding ASPIRE’s reach and impact, helping them to provide essential life skills to young people.


Strengthening Capacities in Colombia 

In March 2023, ASPIRE had a unique opportunity to participate in a training program in Colombia, sponsored by Aflatoun International. This training paved the way for a series of workshops aimed at church leaders, focusing on their work with children and adolescents. 

As a result of these workshops, ASPIRE began to involve volunteers from local communities, creating a robust network of support. This approach enabled them to reach not only more children but also those in the most vulnerable areas. Currently, ASPIRE is active in 16 communities, simultaneously impacting around 400 children. 

These workshops provide a dynamic and practical learning experience for children and adolescents. They not only gain essential financial knowledge but also develop a heightened awareness of the use of resources, both natural and non-natural. Additionally, these programmes foster a stronger sense of social responsibility among the youth, inspiring them to become active contributors to their communities. 

Looking ahead to the remainder of 2023, ASPIRE has set ambitious goals. They aspire to reach a total of 800 children and adolescents, continuing their work in promoting both social and financial entrepreneurship. Moreover, they plan to collaborate with other institutions to extend their reach even further.