Partner of the week: Association ATINATI

Association ATINATI is a non-governmental organisation located in Zugdidi, Georgia. Since 1995, ATINATI has worked towards their mission to promote the establishment of an educated, tolerant and free society. This mission is carried out in using multi-perspective methods: through civil society development, providing assistance to socially vulnerable people, and raising awareness through formal and non-formal education. 

Over the course of 25 years, the organisation has established community trust through a variety of large and impactful experiences. ANTINATI has cooperated with many organisations to successfully implement social and educational projects in Georgia, and have shown their community that they prioritise quality world at a local, national and international level. 

ATINATI has implemented different projects aimed at improving different social causes. They have worked to ease unemployment through providing trainings focused on competence building within the labour market,  on increasing income-generating opportunities for youth, internally displaced persons, and women. Additionally, ATINATI works to raise awareness and access to information about various beneficial services to local community members, especially those who are socially vulnerable.