Partner of the Week: Association Wona Sanana

Wona Sanana is a nonprofit organisation operating in Mozambique since 2003. They are dedicated to Early Childhood Care and Education. Their mission is to promote innovative initiatives that contribute to ensuring the full and inclusive satisfaction of the rights and the holistic development of children with the support of their family, community, and state. 


Wona Sanana provides technical assistance to several actors implementing early childhood development (ECD) and advocates for a major involvement from government agencies towards ECD and child protection. Wona Sanana is an active organisation that has been encouraging the country’s stakeholders and government to enhance and improve the support to the preschools and primary schools and to develop education programmes in a holistic, inclusive and integrated way. They achieve this by highlighting and implementing trainings, and developing learning material based on the use of locally available resources.      

Through these resources and efforts, they aim to improve social issues that affect them locally with an emphasis on establishing positive changes from an early age.