Partner of the Week: Atinati, Georgia

Association ATINATI, a non-governmental organisation based in Zugdidi, Georgia, has been dedicated to fostering an educated, tolerant, and free society since 1995. They achieve their mission through diverse approaches, including civil society development, supporting socially vulnerable individuals, and promoting awareness via formal and informal education.

Over 25 years, ATINATI has built strong community trust by collaborating with various organizations to implement significant social and educational projects in Georgia. These efforts underscore their commitment to delivering high-quality work at local, national, and international levels.





Our Partnership
Since 2012, ATINATI has partnered with Aflatoun to train its trainers and enhance its work with educators, youth, and children through more creative approaches. ATINATI employs the AflaYouth methodology with internally displaced and local young people, and the AflaTot methodology with kindergarten teachers and parents.
In 2017, with financial support from the Danish Refugee Council, ATINATI began working with kindergarten teachers and caregivers in Western Georgia to retrain and improve their qualifications. ATINATI’s skilled trainers effectively use the AflaTot methodology in this retraining process.




Transforming Early Childhood Education  

In recent years, ATINATI has made great progress in improving early childhood education. They have trained over 100 teachers and educators from 10 kindergartens, as well as 30 kindergarten directors across the country. Because of this, many kindergartens now use the AflaTot method, making learning more creative, inclusive, and fun for children.

To support this effort, the AflaTot book was translated into Georgian and given to teachers in these kindergartens. This method has also led to more parents getting involved in kindergarten activities. Additionally, ATINATI trainers have run training sessions to introduce Aflatoun International programmes to local non-governmental organisations in Samegrelo. Several of these organisations have since partnered with Aflatoun International, expanding the reach of ATINATI and the Aflatoun network’s educational work.